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Fooooood! and the 4th

To celebrate being in Copenhagen, and the 4th of July, and most importantly being in Copenhagen for the 4th of July I decided to go with a good friend to one of my fanciest restaurant experiences in ages at Mielcke & Hurtigkarl. In an uncharacteristic bout of forward planning, we made reservations almost two months … Continue reading »

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Kathmandu Film Fest 2011

In an odd repeat of the Dubai International Film Festival last December, I happened to be in Kathmandu during their 2011 International Film Festival. Though the venue and organisation definitely wasn’t on the same level as Dubai, the KIMFF was a great opportunity to learn a bit more about the mountains and cultures of this … Continue reading »

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Back in the SAR again!

In what was one of my most fun trips to Hong Kong to date, I managed to cram in more excitement that ever before. Three out of the eight days I was there saw me hiking on Hong Kong island, one saturday involved a full-day boat trip to beaches I’d never been to before, and … Continue reading »

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The Many Faces of Tianjin

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Qingdao Brewery Tour

Qingdao Brewery Tour The city of Tsingtao/Qingdao is, at least amongst foreigners, primarily famous for one very important reason: The Beer! Tsingtao Beer can be found all over China and through much of the rest of the world as well. If you ever sit down to a proper Chinese meal in Texas or Tashkent, this … Continue reading »

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My first day in Tianjin and first full day back in China, I stumbled across this place:   In a city known largely for its historic foreign quarters, why not an Anglican church turned cafe showing a Spanish movie with Chinese subtitles? Odd move, Tianjin.  Cool though.

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Happy Mao/ Sad Mao

This was a ceremony that I’m sure even Mao’s embalmed corpse was proud of.  Party big-wigs, revolutionary music, and little girls in uniform giving crisp salutes. The Chairman is rolling over in Tian’Anmen Square every time someone plays this video.

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Rockin’ the Inaka.

My JET-set fraternity-brother Matt lived for a while in what could perhaps best be described as the outskirts of the fringes of the suburbs of a city (Sendai) you had never heard of until the recent environmental disasters.  The name of Matt’s town, as far as I can remember, was Myagi-ken.  When I say it … Continue reading »

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