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Shenzhen Apartment

As I was going through old photos from before I started this blog, I came across this video walkthrough of my first apartment in China. This was, if I remember correctly, the very first weekend I spent in my apartment in Shenzhen and before I had even gotten open the locks to the kitchen and … Continue reading »

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Budget: China with Expats

I just came back from traveling through China to visit expat friends in a handful of different cities on the East coast, and realized the budget looked significantly different from when I travel through touristy stuff there. So, instead of posting the two together, here’s a separate look at expat budgeting in Chinese cities. Most … Continue reading »

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Shanghai Cafe

Shanghai is full of cafes, bookstores, and everything else one expects out of a cultural and intelligent city.  More exciting than most, though, was the day that I found this: Though always excited to try new foods, new experiences, and new places it is sometimes also refreshing to find a piece of home unexpectedly.  I, … Continue reading »

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Spending Time in Shenzhen

Spending Time in Shenzhen For the year and a half that I lived in China, Shenzhen was the base of operations.  Shenzhen is very much NOT old China.  In 1979, the city was a small fishing village overlooking the Hong Kong territory from across the bay.  Since 1980, when it was opened as a Special … Continue reading »

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Things Have Changed

Traveling With Technology -or- ‘Back in My Day…’ As I roll slowly into Tagbiliran on a crowded afternoon bus, to spend a night before the morning ferry to Cebu, I decide to park at the food court across the street from the bus station and find somewhere to stay. As soon as I open my … Continue reading »

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