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Harrowing Horse Games In Celebration of Independence from the Soviet Union

Looking for more on Buzkashi and Ulak Tartysh? So I (ahem) may have mentioned this once or twice before, but one of my favorite things about holidays in Kyrgyzstan is that almost inevitably there will at some point be two teams of horsemen battling over a well-stuffed decapitated goat carcass. And man, is this stuff … Continue reading »

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The Biggest Little Beerfest in the World

Oktoberfest is a thing that needs no introduction, of course. You already know the focus is beer (on horses!), traditional Bavarian clothes and lots and lots of sausage stands to keep it all in one piece. Beer and carnival rides are two things I dearly enjoy, so knowing that I was going to be in … Continue reading »

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Celebrating the Start of Summer… with fire and samba!

Perhaps this has been mentioned before, but Amsterdam is kind of a strange place. It really is a lovely city, and the longer I stayed (about 3 weeks, total!) the more I could see how one could show up for three days and end up staying for thirty years. But the massive number of bikes, strange … Continue reading »

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My Favorite Little Sport That Time Forgot

You know what I could legitimately do three times a week in Central Asia and never get bored with it? Sit around and watch horse games. By the time I FINALLY made it to the Bishkek Hippodrome on Victory Day, we’d missed all but the tail end of the day’s game of Kok Boru. No … Continue reading »

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Always better by surprise.

Few things in life beat the joy of an unexpected festival. Imagine, then, my surprise. I”m on a hilltop overlooking the town of Istravshan in Tajikistan. As the day draws to a close, more and more people pour onto the top of town from the streets below. It struck me as nothing peculiar, though, until … Continue reading »

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Sandcastles Gone Wild

  Deep in the sands of Uzbekistan lies the Elliq Qala, or “50 Castles.” This “Golden Ring of Ancient Khorezm” is, rightly, one of the most widely touted tourist destinations in all of Central Asia. Though 20 ruins have been unearthed to date, this Land of Fortresses is an easy place to get lost in … Continue reading »

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Black Sea Jazz Fest

In what seems to be an awesome and ongoing theme in my travels I stumbled across yet another music festival, this time in Batumi (Georgia). Though I made it to a couple of events from the Festival, by far my favorite was Men In Brass, a German brass band that wandered the streets of Batumi … Continue reading »

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A Stroll down Strøget

Yes its an Old Town, and yes there are so many like it in Europe. And yet, Copenhagen has a beautiful Old Town that, unlike so many others, put me in a really good mood each time I walked through. The main street, Stroget, is crowded with tourists and international chain stores like Disney and … Continue reading »

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