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Happy Holidays

I have missed (and may well continue to) a lot of holidays the last few years, but this is two Christmases in a row I’ve been in the US with family. Despite how much it may seem like I spend most of the year fleeing them, I really do like these people! Christmas with the … Continue reading »

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And the Golden Winged Ships?

You know what gets better with age? Yes, wine, of course; but what else? Sandcastles. You thought you were the big dude on the beach back in 5th grade? Well, check out these. Located on Ofelia beach, a tiny peninsula of construction in the NyHavn area of Copenhagen that juts out into the waterways, the … Continue reading »

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Central Asian Death Polo

In perhaps the craziest invention in sports since Aztec Death Soccer, several Central Asian countries host a traditional sport to rival the most dangerous and unregulated competition since match-fixing in the Serie A. Kopkari is popular through much of the horse-loving region of Central Asia, but I finally came across a match at the Toprak … Continue reading »

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Monks, Masks, and Mountain Men: Tengboche’s Mani Rimdu Monastery Festival

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Folk Music in Nepal

So many times as I was wandering around the streets of Nepal I was surprised with musical performances – almost always at or around temples or religious sites. Listen to them all or listen to the ones that interest you most, but enjoy this little musical slice of wandering around Nepal.     Music, surprise, … Continue reading »

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Epic Hindu Matrimony: Sita Bibaha Festival 2011

Janakpur exists mainly as a small provincial town of note only as the end of Nepal’s single railway line, but one day ever year it plays host to one of the wilder festivals I’ve ever been to. Sita Bibaha festival, a celebration of the marriage of Sita and Rama from the Hindu epic Ramayana, reminds … Continue reading »

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Dashain Temples

I happened to show up in Nepal right before one of the country’s biggest yearly festivals (how does that seem to happen so often?), and spent most of it in Kathmandu. Dashain last for XX days, and for most of these the celebration seemed more like a general feeling of excitement than any specific ceremony.  … Continue reading »

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Killing Time in Kathmandu

Kathmandu, Nepal  is crowded and hectic and noisy and polluted.  And yet somehow I find myself liking it even more every time I pass back through between adventures further afield. When I got back from 36 days of trekking near Everest, I gorged on delicious Indian food that I hadn’t had for over a month.  After … Continue reading »

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