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A Month In the Forests: Families of the Arslanbob Walnut Harvest

Arslanbob Walnut Harvest Kyrgyzstan is full of small stories. A successful microfinance project here, a village with a long history of training fighter pilots there, and any number of interesting back stories to be stumbled across by travelers or locals alike. One of the most well-known of those, though I find it no less interesting … Continue reading »

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The Warm Embrace of Tajikistan

Real, honest, open hospitality is a truly amazing thing. This tradition runs deep through the cultures of most of Central Asia, but in my experiences nowhere near as much as Tajikistan. Though there are some really well-run and welcoming homestays in Tajikistan’s Fan Mountains, they don’t quite cover the whole region. How fortunate, then, that … Continue reading »

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Dinner With a Local Family – My Favorite Istanbul Guided Tour

My Favorite Istanbul Guided Tour – Dinner With a Local Family I know I’ve only recently decried the ‘proper-tourist-trail’ thing, but one experience in Istanbul left me thinking about whether or not a guide can be a good thing on occasion. After all don’t we oftentimes need a translator? Someone who can helps move not … Continue reading »

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A Globe Full of Friends

One of those things that nobody mentioned much about traveling long-term is that you end up meeting and becoming friends with folks from all over the world. It always strikes me as really cool, though, that even outside of things like Couchsurfing or just spontaneous hospitality I know that I’ve got this huge network or … Continue reading »

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Ain’t No Party Like an Uzbek Party

Did you know that circumcision parties are a thing? Nope, me neither. Uzbekistan being what it is, though, even serious religious rites can serve as an excuse to get to together with friends and family a tables full of food and bottles full of vodka. Shortly after we walked by and were invited inside,the whole … Continue reading »

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Focus on the Family

Like so many places in the world, much of the joy of the Tajik Wakhan is from the great people I met along the way. At the Ratm Fortress, just beyond the farthest one can go on public transport, I met this awesome family. I think I started interacting with Maria and Nikita by asking … Continue reading »

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Вы хотите чаю?

As beautiful as the Old Town of Lahic looks, my favorite selling point of the city was the ample opportunity for hiking around the village. Give me a beautiful old village with an interesting local twist to traditional culture surrounded by accessible nature, though, and I’m sold pretty much anywhere in the world! If hiking … Continue reading »

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Big Fans of Tajikistan

I love Central Asia. I love hiking. I particularly enjoy the people of Tajikistan, whose hospitality and warmth to outsiders I’d rank amongst any other culture in the world. It should be no surprise, then, that many of my favorite experiences of 6 months in Central Asia involved multi-day hikes deep into the mountains where … Continue reading »

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