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Uluwatu Temple and the Kecak Monkey Dance

Bali’s Uluwatu Temple: The Kecak “Monkey Dance” Bali’s Uluwatu temple is beautiful, its clifftop location overlooking the Indian Ocean perfect for sunsets and engagement shoots and taunting indigenous macaques until they get fed up and rip your camera right out of your hand. While the temple itself is a beautiful backdrop, however, the temple is … Continue reading »

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X Reasons You Should Get To Greece This Year

X Reasons You Should Get To Greece This Year With a friend recently planning a trip to Majorca for her upcoming vacation, my cries that now is the perfect time to head to the Greek Isles fell on deaf ears due mainly to fears about the current state of the Greek economy. Though she didn’t listen, you … Continue reading »

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Crete E4: The (My) Final Stretch

Leaving the most amazing campsite in Greece (at Agia Roumeli) is, in fact, a hard thing to do. First you walk for an hour on an unstable path over rocky beaches, then up a sandy hill looking out over the Libyan Sea. Having gained some altitude, though, the path opens up and mostly evens out … Continue reading »

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Fortress Camp: The First

The walk from Paleochora to Cape Tripiti is a mostly easy two days, and except for the trail right outside of Paleochora (which hits a small stretch of half-finished road) is a lot of lovely hiking. At quite literally the end of the road is a surprisingly nice sandy beach, so nice that I forced … Continue reading »

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Maiden’s Tower

Istanbul: Maiden’s Tower I don’t know if this is something I should really mention, but I once made a point of watching all the 007 films. In order. That should go at least part of the way towards explaining why I took so many pictures of Istanbul’s Maiden’s Tower, right? In The World is not … Continue reading »

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Photo Slideshow: Palau

Photo Slideshow: Palau The Republic of Palau may be my new stereotypical tropical paradise. It has beaches, SCUBA, adventure sports, and plenty of trees to tie a hammock to at the end of the day. What more do you need really? Oh, right, rusty World War II heritage disintegrating back into the jungle and thousands … Continue reading »

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Photo Slideshow: Micronesia

Ever feel like you reeeeeally need to get away from it all? Yap State of Micronesia might just be the spot for you. A tenacious traditional culture, big ol’ Manta Rays underwater, and some of the most remote islands in the world. That’s Yap.

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Canoe Racist?

Ah, sorry, that should be canoe “races”. I stumbled across an International Canoe Race (between Yap, Palau, and I think the Marianas) one day as I was passing through Colonia, Yap. I like this picture a lot just because it manages to pull together traditional Yapese culture (the Bai in the midground), a bit of … Continue reading »

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