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Austrian Radio Interview: Travel Kyrgyzstan Edition

Austrian Radio Interview: Kyrgyzstan Edition   In what seems to be an ongoing series of interviews with Radio FM4 in Vienna, I spoke with their team at the end of March about travel opportunities in Kyrgyzstan as a representative of Lonely Planet. Having been based here off and on since 2012, it was a nice … Continue reading »

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Austrian Radio Interview: Travel Eritrea Edition

Austrian Radio Interview: ‘Travel Eritrea’ Edition Hey again! I’m finally back to Kyrgyzstan after two months on the ground in Texas, but just before I hopped back on a flight to head this way I found time to record another interview with Radio FM4 in Austria. This one’s about Eritrea, which I visited back in … Continue reading »

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#VisitJyrgalan – Backcountry Skiing in the Tien Shan

#VisitJyrgalan – Backcountry Skiing in the Tien Shan   There’s something special, I daresay sacred, in the quiet of a bright winter morning. A silence that seems to stretch for miles, disturbed only by the faraway call of a lone bird or melting ice crashing to the ground. It’s a feeling that stretches across all the … Continue reading »

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Chariots and Pierced Tongues: Bisket Jatra in Bhaktapur

Chariots and Pierced Tongues: Bisket Jatra Festival in Bhaktapur It takes something special to keep me in the city of Kathmandu for an extra week instead of jaunting off to the mountains of Nepal. I’ve had good luck in the past with festivals in this country, though, whether with Tibetan monks at the Mani Rimdu … Continue reading »

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Experienced Traveler’s Guide: Skipping Half the Tourist Places in Jaipur

Experienced Traveler’s Guide: Skipping Half the Tourist Places in Jaipur There are, quite frankly, far too many tourists sites in the world for me to have either the desire or ambition to see them all. Sometimes I make a half-hearted attempt but in a place like India where my stomach was in a constant state … Continue reading »

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Hangin’ with Willie and Waylon and the boys.

Fun fact: apparently Willie Nelson had never visit the little community of Lukenbach before recording the song that helped propel it to fame. I find this a touch hard to believe, though, as it feels like the perfect sort of place for a country singer and his closest friends to sit around and sing and … Continue reading »

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Better with Besiktas

Given my predilection for both soccer and Istanbul, is it any surprise that when I finally found myself in the city mid-season that I made a determined effort to see a game? Indeed if anything, the surprising thing here is that I haven’t been to more futbol matches around the world.  (Why is there not … Continue reading »

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In Hong Kong this would be an opium den.

I’m a big fan of lazy from time to time, especially when I can incorporate a bit of culture into the equation and call it ‘part of traveling’. (See my occasional predilection towards gluttony, for reference). The nargile cafes of Istanbul, then, satisfy a very smoky and dark part of my personality. After all they have … Continue reading »

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