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The Biggest Little Honky-Tonk in the World

What is there to say, really, about the biggest honky-tonk in the world? It could fit thousands of people. I remember at least 8 bars and a short-order grill. There’s a rodeo arena INSIDE OF THE BAR. I’m talking, of course, about Billy Bob’s. Like the Fort Worth Stockyards where the bar is located, it … Continue reading »

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Cruise, Foods, and Views

About as far away from Istanbul as it could be and still be an ‘Istanbul’ trip, the Anadolu Kavegi sits right on the end of the Bosphorus overlooking the Black Sea beyond. While the fort atop the hill is a pretty obvious draw it is not, to my mind, the biggest here. The best reason … Continue reading »

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Down Wimberly Way

You know those places that are just┬áso close to home that you never actually get to them? The ones that visitors seem to have gone to, but you’ve only heard of? Wimberly, Tx is one of those. I’ve known this name for years as my aunt and uncle have long taken their kids here for … Continue reading »

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Oregon Trail: Texas Style

I was a big fan of the Oregon Trail back in my elementary days, and somehow the romance of that life of fording rivers and fighting off dysentery lurks in my subconscious till the present. Which is why, in retrospect, it seemed like a cool idea to visit the Fort Croghan historical site in Burnet, … Continue reading »

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Dance Party: Azerbaijan

One of the nights I spent in Lahic, the family who owned the guesthouse Jason and I were staying at had their cousins in from out of town to celebrate… Something. After a long hard day of hiking in Lahic, they were kind enough to invite Jason and I to join in on the action. … Continue reading »

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