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All About Almaty

Central Asia is not typically a place I think of going to enjoy ‘city life’. At worst, places like Tashkent leave negative impressions. At best I walk out with fond memories of Ashgabat or Bishkek less because of the cities themselves and more because of the people I meet there. Given all this, this, I’ve … Continue reading »

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The Modern Central Asian Bazaar

Anybody who has been reading this site for a while will already know that I’m a bit on the obsessed side with bazaars and markets around the world. Not only for the sweet headgear opportunities, but also because they’re just such generally picturesque and atmospheric places that tend to make it really easy to interact … Continue reading »

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Afghanistan: Almost There

I know I may have mentioned this before, but shortly before leaving Tajikistan I took a short trip with a couple of friends through Afghanistan. Despite what several people I’ve spoken seem to think, there was no sense of ‘extreme’ behind the idea. It wasn’t to brag about later, to search for a thrill, or … Continue reading »

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The Spicy side of Istanbul

Istanbul’s Spice Bazaar   If you ever find yourself with the immediate need to buy a restaurant kitchen’s worth of spices, Istanbul is one of the highest recommendations I can give. If you just need to indulge your inner child with sweets galore and whole mountains of Turkish Delight, even better. For the connoisseur of … Continue reading »

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Shopping at the Osh Bazaar

Have I mentioned that I’m a big fan of Central Asian bazaars? In fact, I’m a bit of a snob about it. I walk around taking photos and tasting the atmosphere like a Frenchman might a stinky cheese. Of all the bazaars in all the countries I’ve been to, then, Osh’s stands out at one … Continue reading »

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Daytrippin’ from Europe to Asia

Exploring Uskudar Uskudar, on the Asian side of the Bosphorus, was described to me as a more conservative part of Istanbul. A place to keep mindful of being more respectful and even dress appropriately. That was not the feel I got from the neighborhood, though. The several times I walked through, the whole area seemed … Continue reading »

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Gold and Spice Souks: The Spicy Side of Dubai

Gold and Spice Souks of Dubai My favorite part of Dubai, just about the only part of town I’ve found that still has a feel of the old and exotic to it, is all the excellent market action. While nowhere near as chaotic as my favorite Central Asian markets, the upscale feel of the Gold … Continue reading »

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Isn’t it Grand?

Istanbul: Grand Bazaar I’m a sucker for markets, of every shape size color sound and smell. With a market in Istanbul styling itself the Grand Bazaar, then, how could I not go? In terms of a market, the places honestly wasn’t that great. I swear I only saw 10 different shops, repeated ad nauseum throughout … Continue reading »

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