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Photo Slideshow: Malaysia

Malaysia is by far one of the easiest countries in Asia to travel independently.  Great infrastructure, rampant English, and delicious food make Malaysia almost a vacation from hard traveling.  Just watch out for sneaky Orangutans.

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Photo Slideshow: Philippines

An awesome, open, friendly, beautiful country that I need to make time to get back to. I’ve posted some of the pictures before, long ago, but never all of my favorites together. So, here they are: The Philippines.

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Mentawi: Now with musical accompaniment!

Now featuring the singing talents of our second shamanic hosts!

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Of all the cities in Xishuangbanna I went to, Damenglong gave me the best reception.  Easily visited as a daytrip from Jinghong (the local hub), I decided to drive down one day with no better plans than to have a look around. Temples, awesome little kids, statues, and general photogenic randomness ensued.  These are some … Continue reading »

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XiShuangBanNa After a few months stuck in Shenzhen without a vacation, my Spring Festival/ Chinese New Year vacation found me straight back in Yunnan Province.  Tropical rain-forest bordering Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam.  Home to the upper stretches of the Mekong River (before it becomes the Mekong River.  澜沧江。)  One of the highest concentrations of minority cultures … Continue reading »

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Jungles of Borneo

In what seems to have become somewhat of a predictable cycle, our time on the beach in Sipadan was followed by time playing in the jungle looking for wildlife. The Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary proved to be our only Orangutan sightings, but they were exciting at the time.  The first sighting happened about 5 feet inside … Continue reading »

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Taman Negara

After a solid 4 hours of bus ride and 3 hours on a boat, we arrived from KL in Taman Negara National Park. Taman Negara is home to the oldest rainforest in the world, tribes living in the jungle in traditional communities, wildlife lookouts, caves, and a canopy walkway. As we were getting together some … Continue reading »

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