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The Kutna Hora Bone Church: Life, Death, and Silver in Bohemia

The Kutna Hora Bone Church: Life, Death, and Silver in Bohemia At first glance, Kutna Hora seems like any other once-prosperous European town. Big churches, beautiful cobblestone streets, and a central square that serves as the heart of the city and the center of life. If you haven’t ever heard of it before, your initial … Continue reading »

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Klosterneuburg Stift: The Vienna Monastery you SHOULD be Visiting.

Klosterneuburg Stift: The Vienna Monastery you SHOULD be Visiting. Like most wine-drinking religion-enthusiasts, you’ll probably visit some sort of historic monastic abbey if you’re spending more than just a few days in Vienna. They have religion and culture, after all, including the sort of culture that leads to fermentation and eventually delicious monk-wrought wines. For … Continue reading »

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Rustem Pasa Mosque: Beautiful, Iz’nik?

Rustem Pasa Mosque Another of the greatest buildings in Istanbul that I’d never quite gotten around to visiting, the Rustem Pasa Mosque is tucked just between the Spice Bazaar (tons of tourists) and the Suleymaniye Mosque (lots of tourists) yet gets only a tiny fraction of the visitors of either of those two. Not only is … Continue reading »

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Crypts and Cathedrals: Ancient Lissos

As I descend down the coastal route of the E4, the ruined city of Lissos doesn’t look like much. I could see a couple of tourists on the tiny beach, the rocky outline of a small church, and what I’d hoped would be a functioning well to fill my dwindling water supply. Walking down into … Continue reading »

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Missing the Best Beach in Crete

I actually did the westernmost stretch of the Crete E4, from Elafonisi to Paleochora, as a one day round-trip from Paleochora. Which is a shame, really, because it means I didn’t get to spend any time on the best beach in Crete! By the time actually got to Elafonisi, it was so late in the … Continue reading »

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Better than the beach?!

Ok, so I admit that maybe it was a mistake not getting to Greece sooner than I have. After all, as far back as my sophomore and junior years of college I’ve had friends that visited and were in love with the experience and the beaches and the food and te ouzo. So what, you … Continue reading »

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Photo Essay: A walk through the Süleymaniye Mosque

Istanbul’s Süleymaniye Mosque Süleymaniye Camii is a little out of the way, but I love it. The neighborhood is beautiful if a little run-down, the building itself is awe-inspiring, and I seem to run into cool and interesting people in the area. Like SO many neighborhoods in Istanbul, this really is a delightful area to … Continue reading »

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Death, Fame, and Beauty in Vienna

I know this a bit weird, but I really like visiting cemeteries. Something about the monumental aspects of them, the air of quiet contemplation, and the bounteous living greenness of a space devoted to death all appeal to me. In Vienna, then, how could I avoid the two historic cemeteries (Vienna Central Cemetery and St. … Continue reading »

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