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Austrian Wines and Crumbling Castles: A Wachau Valley Bike Tour

Austrian Wines and Crumbling Castles: A Wachau Valley Bike Tour Vienna is not, on the face of it, Europe’s most active or adventurous destination. My average day in the Imperial City involves exploring lots of traditional coffee houses and the historic Old Town, and only very occasionally something like a bike ride through the city center. Having … Continue reading »

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Netherlands Open Air Museum: Arnhem’s Little Secret

Netherlands Open Air Museum in Arnhem I don’t think the little city of Arnhem gets a lot of love from the travel set, given its out-of-the way location in the province of Gelderland far to the east of the big cities like Utrecht and Amsterdam. There’s at least one reason to visit, however, and quite … Continue reading »

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Finding Value in Volendam

The Village of Volendam Volendam seems, from anecdotes I heard while talking to Dutch friends in Amsterdam, sort of like the Netherlands’ version of the South. Lots of stereotypes about inbreeding, hillbilly sensibilities, and just general backwardness. The butt of the national joke, if you will. (There’s even a degenerative brain disease named after the … Continue reading »

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Hydra Hide-Out

I only ended up visiting Hydra Island because I was spending a day photographing a Saronic Gulf cruise. Given how touristy and accessible some of these Saronic Islands are, I didn’t initially have very high expectations. I’d just spent 3 weeks hiking in Crete, after all. What sort of inspiration could these little touristy islands … Continue reading »

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Wonderous Wakhan

The easiest way to reach the Wakhan is via shared-taxi from Khorog to Ishkashim. Several weekly busses leave from Ishkashim to Langar, at the other end of the Tajik Wakhan. Another option is to cross the border into Afghanistan from Ishkashim, at which point you can continue past Langar and deep into the Upper Wakhan.

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Or is it ‘proto-urbane’ ?

Central Asia is old. Old like “cradle of civilizations” old. Of all the old, though, the proto-urban site of Sarazm is perhaps the first of them all. Estimates suggest that Sarazm was settled over six THOUSAND years ago. You know what North America looked like then? A big forest. Sarazm is, rightfully, inscribed on the … Continue reading »

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It Smells like Hippies.

Christiania was not itself a surprise, as I’d known for a long time about the little semi-autonomous community wholly inside of Copenhagen. Nor were the hash vendors/smokers/paraphernaliers on the main street (semi-cleverly known as the Green Light Zone), as the hash seems to be the most famous raison d’etre of the little community. What did surprise … Continue reading »

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Up, Down, and Around Again – Hiking in Xinaliq

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