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Faces of Murghab

Murghab is, in one word, remote. The closest big city is in another country (Osh, Kyrgyzstan). The nearest Tajik town is, at the moment, besieged by the military in response to problems with the nearby Afghan border. The road to town was built by the Soviet Army in the 80’s, and doesn’t seem to have … Continue reading »

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Вы хотите чаю?

As beautiful as the Old Town of Lahic looks, my favorite selling point of the city was the ample opportunity for hiking around the village. Give me a beautiful old village with an interesting local twist to traditional culture surrounded by accessible nature, though, and I’m sold pretty much anywhere in the world! If hiking … Continue reading »

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The Little Hilltop Village that Saved my Opinion of Azerbaijan

After a ton of bad experiences and disappointments in the rest of Azerbaijan, it  took one final destination to restore any semblance of pleasure to my time in the country. I liked almost everything about Xinaliq, and spent more than twice the time there than any other place in Azerbaijan. Even the drive in was … Continue reading »

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Away from the Uzbek Deserts

After so much time spent in dusty deserts and historic old towns of Uzbekistan, I often feel the pull to get out and find some green spaces. While reading through an old Uzbekistan Airways in-flight mag that someone had stolen and left in my guesthouse in Khiva, I saw an article on the 500 year-old … Continue reading »

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Portraits of Afghanistan

Much more than landscapes or bazaars or food, Afghanistan was about the people we met along the way. People who generally expressed a genuine interest in us, were very willing to engage, and just seemed so… normal I guess? So, here, I want you to meet some of them. These are not all the people … Continue reading »

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Lost in the Desert

On the drive from Ashgabat to the Darvaza Gas Crater and onwards to Konye-Urgench and the border with Uzbekistan, we stopped at a little village in the desert just off the main highway. I think it was called Yerbent, but even that I’m not entirely sure of. It seemed like a lonely forgotten place, little … Continue reading »

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All up in Afghanistan

Of all the Central Asian Republics, the easiest by far to get a tourist visa for is (surprisingly?) Afghanistan. I’d never planned to visit Afghanistan on this round of Central Asia (and indeed remember assurring several people that I wouldn’t… sorry guys), but after visiting the Wakhan Valley’s border market a quick visit to Afghanistan … Continue reading »

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Field Trip!

Easily my favorite experience in Yap was the Yap State Field Trip Ship Halipmohol. As the only real option to get to the Outer Islands, it was my top priority for the whole time I was in the country. Due to an unfortunate cholera outbreak, the month’s sailing was an abridged version visiting only the … Continue reading »

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