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Pictures of Palau – Islands of your Robinson Crusoe Fantasies

Pictures of Palau Do you like pretty things? How about photos of Pacific Islands devoid of people and just waiting for you to camp on? I certainly do! I’m currently on a hastily conceived and constructed trip to Paris for a bit of light photography work, making up for all the dreadful photos I took … Continue reading »

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Photo Slideshow: Tajikistan

Tajikistan might actually me one of my favorite countries anywhere, even if I didn’t realize it at the time. Crazy beautiful mountains, amazing people all over those same mountains, cities with just enough Western luxury (I’m looking at you, Dushanbe Segafredo), and so many things to do that a year or two in the country … Continue reading »

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Photo Slideshow: Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan is amazing, and I may never visit again. Its beautiful, and yet very few people visit because of visa policies that are either expensive or asinine (depending on the visa). The people are mostly friendly and helpful and hospitable, but I also had two cops try to shake me down for money within an … Continue reading »

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Photo Slideshow: Vienna, Austria

I was pleasantly surprised by Vienna, and how pleasantly enjoyable a city it was. I went in with the mindset of “get visas (for Central Asia) and then get out”, which can sometimes be a dangerous thing. I could have easily gotten tired of the place, felt a little aimless. Instead, though, I found myself … Continue reading »

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Photo Slideshow: Kazakhstan

You know, I still haven’t decided if I enjoy Kazakhstan as much as I do the rest of Central Asia. I’ve met great people there, for sure, especially through CouchSurfing in Almaty a couple of times. There’s good hiking to be done too, of course, in Aksai Gorge and Charyn Canyon. Somehow, though, the place … Continue reading »

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Photo Slideshow: Denmark

Denmark surprised me, in large part because it was never a place I’d given much consideration to. Had I not had a friend living in Copenhagen for a short period, I probably wouln’t have gone. And yet, it has all the positives I expect out of Europe. Good food, historic towns, castles, etc etc etc. … Continue reading »

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Photo Slideshow: Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is a bit of a strange place to visit. I had a handful of incredibly positive interactions, with people that were so willing to be helpful and even (when pointing didn’t quite work) grab my arm and literally pull me in the right direction. At the same time, though, I had SO MANY negative … Continue reading »

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Photo Slideshow: Switzerland

It’s winter, of course, which means it has been quite a while since I took these shots in Switzerland. At the end of last March, in fact, the tail end of winter last. But with a great combination of hiking and cross-country skiing, Roman runs and beautiful old towns. I had a beautiful trip in … Continue reading »

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