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Photo Slideshow: Palau

Photo Slideshow: Palau The Republic of Palau may be my new stereotypical tropical paradise. It has beaches, SCUBA, adventure sports, and plenty of trees to tie a hammock to at the end of the day. What more do you need really? Oh, right, rusty World War II heritage disintegrating back into the jungle and thousands … Continue reading »

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Photo Slideshow: Micronesia

Ever feel like you reeeeeally need to get away from it all? Yap State of Micronesia might just be the spot for you. A tenacious traditional culture, big ol’ Manta Rays underwater, and some of the most remote islands in the world. That’s Yap.

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All up in Afghanistan

Of all the Central Asian Republics, the easiest by far to get a tourist visa for is (surprisingly?) Afghanistan. I’d never planned to visit Afghanistan on this round of Central Asia (and indeed remember assurring several people that I wouldn’t… sorry guys), but after visiting the Wakhan Valley’s border market a quick visit to Afghanistan … Continue reading »

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Photo Slideshow: Nepal

I loved Nepal both as a travel destination and as a place for photography. So many cultures, landscapes, and people. So much history visible just walking down the street in some of the cities. For travel, adventure, or adventure travel its a country that I highly recommend. I took more photos I’m proud of in … Continue reading »

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Palau’s WWII Heritage

Palau was a huge battleground during much of the World War II fighting in the Pacific, and as a result the islands are dotted with little remembrances of the war. Whether a tank rusting away in the jungle or a monument to the soldiers that died, there were lots of reminders to be found.   … Continue reading »

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Hong Kong Gone Wild

I’ve mentioned this before, but the weather has been terrible the last few times I’ve been in Hong Kong. Reading and drinking coffee can only stay engrossing for so long, though, and the Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens make a nice diversion even on the most overcast of days. In the heart of Central, … Continue reading »

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New Territories, New Temple

Another overcast day in Hong Kong, so I finally got out to that New Territories temple I pass on the airport bus every time I come to town. It makes me feel almost like being back in China for a day! —— Planning to spend time in Hong Kong? Keep in mind that accommodation can … Continue reading »

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Warm in the Waters of Micronesia

Yap underwater is not just about the Manta Ray, fortunately. With days of snorkeling from my beach camp and diving with Beyond the Reef I was lucky to spot a pretty healthy variety of species, which speaks more to Yap’s marine diversity than it does to me powers of perception. I was no more than 10 … Continue reading »

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