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Photo Slideshow: Palau

Photo Slideshow: Palau The Republic of Palau may be my new stereotypical tropical paradise. It has beaches, SCUBA, adventure sports, and plenty of trees to tie a hammock to at the end of the day. What more do you need really? Oh, right, rusty World War II heritage disintegrating back into the jungle and thousands … Continue reading »

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Cuttling with the Fishes

Is it some sort of alien? A destruction-portending nightmare sent to bring our very civilization to an end? No, its a cuttlefish. It kind of looks like that first though, doesn’t it? I’ve seen these things three of four times while snorkeling around the Pacific Ocean, and I always sit and watch them for a … Continue reading »

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Field Trip!

Easily my favorite experience in Yap was the Yap State Field Trip Ship Halipmohol. As the only real option to get to the Outer Islands, it was my top priority for the whole time I was in the country. Due to an unfortunate cholera outbreak, the month’s sailing was an abridged version visiting only the … Continue reading »

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Waters of Palau

You like diving, you say? Then get thee to the waters of Palau.   A day on and in the underwater world of the Rock Islands of Palau:

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Kayak-eye view: Rock Islands of Palau

What to do when you find yourself on an island chain in the North Pacific and just really need to get away for a while? Grab a kayak, hitch a ride, and launch out for the Rock Islands of Palau:

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One Snorkel, Two Fins, Thousands of Jellyfish

In the “Most Surreal things I’ve ever done” department, Palau’s Jellyfish Lake is right up towards the top. Jumping in the water with thousands of jellyfish floating about would normally seem like a really bad idea. Those first few seconds, swimming into Palau’s Jellyfish Lake and its hordes of the things, definitely feels like one. … Continue reading »

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Holding my Breath

As far as I can remember, my last snorkel or SCUBA action was waaaay back on Jan 22nd on Pulau Kadidiri in Indonesia’s Togean Islands. This is far too long. Somebody, please, come to SE Asia and be the catalyst to get me to a beach!  

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Pantai Bira

Bira Beach:

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