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Photo Slideshow: Cambodia

Cambodia was a place that, aside from Angkor Wat, I didn’t have a lot of expectations for going into. I was blown away, then, by the sites and feel of the country. Other than my body attacking me and laying me low for three days (no Embassy phone calls needed, thankfully), I enjoyed almost every … Continue reading »

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Photo Slideshow: Malaysia

Malaysia is by far one of the easiest countries in Asia to travel independently.  Great infrastructure, rampant English, and delicious food make Malaysia almost a vacation from hard traveling.  Just watch out for sneaky Orangutans.

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Photo Slideshow: Philippines

An awesome, open, friendly, beautiful country that I need to make time to get back to. I’ve posted some of the pictures before, long ago, but never all of my favorites together. So, here they are: The Philippines.

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Photo Slideshow: Indonesia

Aside from China, Indonesia is one of the only countries I find myself continually going back to as a destination in itself and not just a convenient transit point. The great combination of jungle adventure, beachy laziness, intercultural immersion, memorable food, and cheap travel make it one of those rare places where everything just kind … Continue reading »

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Pico Iyer Speaks Again

On yesterday’s topic of the Philippines, Pico Iyer again comes to mind. “The jeepneys they rode, plastered with girlie pictures, Rolling Stones tongues, garish stickers and religious symbols, looked like nothing so much as graffitied pinball machines on wheels.” -Pico Iyer, Video Night in Kathmandu   From this book, which I highly recommend:

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Zip It Up

On the island of Buhol in the Philippines, the city of Danao hosts the “Sui-slide”, a zipline 480m long and (at its best) 200m high. Quite a ride.

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Danau Maninjau

Hidden in a caldera in central Sumatra, the waters of Lake Maninjau lap against the shores of empty guesthouses and accessible waterfall hiking.  Definitely a good spot for relaxing after the rigors of a trek near Bukittingi or visiting villages in Pulau Mentawi.

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Holding my Breath

As far as I can remember, my last snorkel or SCUBA action was waaaay back on Jan 22nd on Pulau Kadidiri in Indonesia’s Togean Islands. This is far too long. Somebody, please, come to SE Asia and be the catalyst to get me to a beach!  

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