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Sianok Gorge

Just outside of Bukittingi, Sianok Gorge hugs the city’s river.

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Photo Slideshow: Myanmar

A kind of strange, often frustrating, but ultimately endearing place to travel. If the government ever changes, I’m going back. Before then, I’m not sure how I feel about it. Myanmar.

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Life in Bukittingi

For a town without a lot to do, I really enjoyed Bukittingi.  After about a week and a half I finally decided I needed to leave and travel somewhere more exciting. One of my favorite things about the city, though, was that every afternoon the light on the volcanoes surrounding the town lit them beautifully … Continue reading »

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Getting some Grub

You realize the phrase had to come from somewhere, right? Something I had before only associated with the Lion King, when our guide talked about the chance to go “grub hunting” I was actually pretty excited. She being a bit of an insecto-phobe, Joanna and Batiste stayed behind on this one. While our all-around awesome … Continue reading »

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Into the Jungle

Before we left modernity, our guide Ed said that we should bring lots of little gifts to hand out while we were in the jungle.  In Mentawi, this mostly means two things: smokes and candy. Fully stocked and excited to go, Batiste and Joanna (a French couple I met in Bukittingi) and I jumped in … Continue reading »

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Yunnan Shorts

Just a couple of short videos from China’s Yunnan Province (amongst my favorite of China’s provinces). First, a circle of tourist and Naxi tribal ladies dancing in Lijiang’s ‘Old Town’ square. Second, not far from Lijiang, a moment to take in my surroundings while a short way into the hike of Tiger Leaping Gorge. Finally, … Continue reading »

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Just before leaving Indonesia, while I was reading on the beach, this kid stole my wallet: After having talked a bit and letting him sit around and read my English/Indonesian phrasebook, he simply picked it up and walked off while I wasn’t looking. I realized almost immediately that it was gone, packed up my camera … Continue reading »

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Village Time

I did manage, on my most ambitious day of exploring Pulau Nias, to drive a little ways to the interior of the island to poke around. Nias has a unique traditional architecture that varies slightly from the top of the island to the bottom.  In one village just outside of Gunung Sitoli, I met a … Continue reading »

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