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Kumtor Gold Mine: Kyrgyzstan’s Fine Line

Kumtor Gold Mine: Kyrgyzstan’s Fine Line Between Ecology and Economy Standing squarely at the heart of countless clashes, the Kumtor Gold Mine is equally one of Kyrgyzstan’s most important economic contributors and one of its most controversial environmental and investment considerations. The Kumtor Gold Mine is located high in the mountains to the south of Issyk-Kol, … Continue reading »

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This is the way the World Ends

No matter how hard I try, I seem to still go into a new city with certain expectations already in place. For Vienna, then, I was assuming there would be music/coffee/schnitzel/beer. If I were to try to guess where in the world I might come across autonomous fighting robots, Japan would be right at the … Continue reading »

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Makin’ Money, Gettin’ Stoned; Traditional Yap.

Long before the Yuan was pegged to the Dollar was pegged to the Market and it was all pegged to the whims of Warren Buffett, Yap had its own sort of pegs: stuck into the center of their giant stone money. The Yapese are so proud of this tradition (and rightfully so, its cool!) that … Continue reading »

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Everest on the Wing

To start the long trek up towards Everest Base Camp, I decided with a friend I had met in Mongolia to fly out to Tumlingtar and walk the week-long trail into Sagarmatha National Park from there.  Though expecting the flight to be more of a means of conveyance than a tourist attraction in itself, we … Continue reading »

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Buffalo Trace Distillery

  Though most of my time in Kentucky was spent with the family of my newly-married fraternity brother Anthony, we did manage to sneak away on my last morning to the complimentary Buffalo Trace Distillery tour in Frankfort. In this oldest operating commercial distillery in the US, the tour starts with a walk through the … Continue reading »

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Modern Tokyo

Landing in Tokyo, part of me expected some mash-up of BladeRunner and Fast and the Furious with tricked-out Hondas flashing though hyper-neon streets in some absurd chase with police. Part of Tokyo does indeed play to that image, with crowded shopping streets in Harajuku and electronics markets in Akihabara delivering more neon signs than I … Continue reading »

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Living Art in the China Pavilion

I think the single coolest item in the China pavilion was the living wall in the style of a tradition Chinese painting, but animated to embue it with life. Conveniently, I have a video of it right here:  

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Formula 1 Grand Prix: Now in Video!

Pardon the poor quality, but at least it captured the overwhelming sound well!

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