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Year In Photos: 2016

Year in Photos: 2016 So, I know it has been a little quiet around here, but that’s just because I’ve been having a fantastically awesome year with not a lot of time left over for personal projects and especially this blog. Never fear, though, as I’ve been taking photos all the while; and while it … Continue reading »

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MonkBoughtLunch’s Year in Photos: 2015

MonkBoughtLunch’s Year in Photos: 2015 The past year in photos: 2015. What a year it was. Funerals on the ghats of Varanasi, a bit of a long chat with the tourist police in Jordan, getting just a touch stranded in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan, taking my first helicopter ride over the skyscrapers of Dubai, and of course … Continue reading »

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Instagram Updates: Best of… Summer.

Hey there! I’m still here! No but seriously, I’m still alive, even if this website may not reflect that. As a matter of fact, there has been SO much going on that I’ve barely even covered my external writing gigs. So don’t blame me! Blame Lonely Planet and GoMad Nomad and… well, to be honest that’s pretty … Continue reading »

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The Year in Photos: 2014

The Year in Photos: 2014 I take a lot of photos. I don’t have a firm count on how many I shot in 2014, but I kept around 5000 shots this year and tend to delete the majority of what I take so 10,000 is a conservative estimate. Even with all those to choose from, … Continue reading »

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Coming Soon in Central Asia: Travel Plans for 2014

Upcoming Central Asia Travel Plans I’m trying hard to slow down this year, and spend more time in Kyrgyzstan or at least Central Asia instead of hopping constantly from one region to another. I’ve been in Kyrgyzstan now for a little over a month, but the only real exploration I’ve managed to do it to … Continue reading »

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Picture This: 2013

For a year that I was “settling down” into one city, I still seem to have covered quite a lot of ground in 2013. I only made it to three new countries this year, but that stat belies the fact that I revisited one of my very first international destinations (Amsterdam) as well as passed … Continue reading »

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Winter Descends Upon Bishkek

I’m preparing to leave Bishkek for six weeks, and will actually be on a flight to Istanbul in just a few hours. What better way to say goodbye to Bishkek for the moment, then, than a bit of winter wonderland? It’s cold and icy and puddly and… somehow still really pretty actually. Statues are topped … Continue reading »

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The Gilding on a Golden City – Istanbul’s Golden Horn

Aside from having a lovely name, Istanbul’s Golden Horn is also a great area to explore a bit off the tourist trail. Eyup Mosque and Pierre Loti Cafe both get their share of visitors, of course, but even these numbers pale in comparison to places like Taksim and Sultanahmet. Apart from the neighborhoods themselves, the … Continue reading »

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