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Kumkapi: A Long Quiet Walk

Kumkapi Waterfront Memory has a strange way of attaching a feeling to a place when traveling. I remember Indonesia’s tiny island of Raha, for example, as one of the loneliest places in the world.  This has nothing to do with the island itself, really, but everything to do with my mindset as I wandered those … Continue reading »

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Friends in FRU

After what feels like ages, I’m finally back in Bishkek! Not only that, but within a week of being back here a friend-from-the-road dropped by town to grace the new apartment as Inagurate Couchsurfer. Not only did Kent (of Dromomaniac fame) offer the perfect opportunity to get back into exploring Bishkek through the eyes of … Continue reading »

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You should be reading:

This guy, Alex McPhail, is one of the most interesting and well-written travel blogs I’ve stumbled across in some time. You should check him out, leave a comment, and let him know what you think. http://westtotheeast.wordpress.com/ All I can say is, I can’t wait to see what he starts posting soon about Central Asia!

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Gezi Protests: A Moment Fleeting As A Feeling

Last time I was here in Istanbul, the streets were alive with people protesting their government. Though the issue was superficially the planned redevelopment of a small park in the center of town, protestors I chatted with named everything from increasing government authoritarianism and Islamicization to a potentially offensive historical reference used as the name … Continue reading »

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A Stop for Tea in Istanbul

I’m come to realize more and more that the “Life on the Streets” cultures are some of the most appealing to me. Places where the social interaction is outside, in the open air, a source of color and noise to the rest of the world. Perhaps, then, this is one of the reasons I continue … Continue reading »

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Back from Beyond.

I’m back! Back from the mountains, that is. The plan, hiking the whole E4 across Crete, fell apart within five days and never really recovered. No worries, though, as I still got quite a lot of hiking in during the nearly 5 weeks I spent in Crete. I spent just under three weeks on trail, … Continue reading »

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A Long Walk in the Mountains of Crete

So I’ve mentioned this in just about every conversation I’ve had over the last month or so, but I’m leaving today for a hike of mildly epic proportions. The E4 trail actually runs all the way across Europe, from Spain east to the Balkans and then south through Greece to Cyprus (where it finally ends). … Continue reading »

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Back to Bishkek

As I come down to little more than a month left in the US, I’ve been looking more towards plans for the year and where I want to be. I’ve got a few big adventures planned , but starting in March I’m still looking forward to being based in Bishkek for the foreseeable future. While I’m hanging … Continue reading »

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