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The Gardens of Versailles: My Favorite Escape

The Gardens of Versailles Perhaps two instances of an event is a bit on the early side for calling it a ‘tradition’, but spending an afternoon doing a lot of nothing in the Gardens of Versailles has been one of my favorite memories of both trips I’ve made to Paris (despite the fact that they … Continue reading »

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The Palace of Versailles: End of an Empire

The Palace of Versailles To say that the Palace of Versailles was the reason that the Ancien Regime of France fell is, to be sure, a total oversimplification of complex social and economic factors that were in play in late-1700’s France. To walk these halls today, however, it takes little imagination to understand how there … Continue reading »

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Schonbrunn Palace: Where the Hapsburgs Went Baroque

Schonbrunn Palace You may remember that I’ve written about Vienna’s Schonbrunn palace once before, in an article with an exceptionally witty title and lots of photos but very little information. Never fear, as your lingering questions of a year ago are now to be answered! Originally a Royal Hunting Ground and later a Royal Summer … Continue reading »

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Cairo II: Egyptian Boogaloo

Guys, I don’t even know who I am anymore. I mean, I’ve been to Egypt twice this year. To the PYRAMIDS twice this year! And I still haven’t climbed any of them! I feel like I’m losing what was once an integral part of my identity! I mean, I think I’m still the same person … Continue reading »

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Cruisin’ AMS

Just in case you’ve never heard, Amsterdam has quite a lot of canals. Shocking, right? Getting out onto the water is a great way to explore the city, second perhaps only to buying a bike and blending into the city on two wheels. Below you’ll find some details on how to get yourself onto the … Continue reading »

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IST by Night

Some cities take on a whole new feel when the sun goes down. Ulan Baatur seems a bit more dangerous, HK more rowdy, and in Baku the temperature finally becomes tolerable. Istanbul, though, makes perhaps my favorite transformation. The lights come on in Sultanahmet, the crowds go home, and even MORE fresh seafood hits the … Continue reading »

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Cairo During the ‘Crisis’

Despite all the media hype about how dangerous the city was at the time, I thought Cairo was a really interesting place with glorious fading architecture (I kept thinking how much it reminded me of Yangon) and an atmosphere just begging me to stay in the city longer. I visited only as a one-day trip … Continue reading »

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A Great Time in Giza

I hear you crying out, oh dear reader. “You were in Egypt TWO MONTHS AGO!” you scream, “…. where are the Pyramids?!?!” Well fear not, faithful follower, because that time has come! I did indeed make it to the Pyramids in Giza, as part of a daytrip to Cairo from Hurghada. I’d been told by … Continue reading »

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