Bagan Pictures – 9 Photos from the Plain

Posted by on April 5, 2011

Bagan Pictures

bagan temple picture

The crazy thing about Bagan is that so many of the temples would be superstars if they were anywhere else.

bagan temple flowers As it is, so many of the beautiful and finely crafted temples here are simply footnotes in the greater story of Bagan. bagan temple desert rose

Some just make a good place for pause from biking in the heat. In summer, for sure, you’ll need the break.

bagan temple staircase Some are such a good combination of overgrown, interesting, and climbable that you just HAVE to stop.
This, of course, was one of those for me. bagan temple reflection

And some are just so well located that they beg to be explored and photographed.

bagan abandoned temple But there are so many temples than they can’t even all be named. Much less individually explored!
Which is, of course, also the best thing about the place. One could spend days here ‘discovering’ new temples that saw just a handful of visitors per year. If its off the main road, you’d be intrepid for hitting it.

bagan temple doorway

As if the outsides of all these temples weren’t enough, each one contains paintings or statues inside which are also worth browsing. Indeed, my Bagan pictures are some of my favorite from all of Myanmar.

bagan temple statue

Sometimes, just a mostly-empty but atmospheric hallway that serves as a bit of a respite from the desert heat outside.

bagan temple golden buddha

Sometimes, A Buddha so large that it takes a few moments to really take it all into consideration.

Go to Bagan. Tell it I said I miss it.


I actually visited Bagan back 2011 or so, before the big changes that are currently taking place. When I was there, it was pretty easy to just hire a horse or bicycle for the day and explore at leisure, but I have legitimately no idea what it is like now. If you’re worried about visitng Bagan independently, check out the growing list of partners with GetYourGuide.

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  1. poma

    we have a couple of similar photos.

    I love your blog.


    • slioy

      I like your pictures, they take me back to Bagan and Borobodur a little bit. But, where is Angkor?! Get yourself to Cambodia if you like old temples that much!

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