The Lion City

Posted by on June 17, 2010

Currently in Singapore eating delicious food, wandering aimlessly, and watching World Cup games. All while trying not to spend a Singapore-sized fortune.

Rainy Days

Rainy Days in Singapore

Day one was basically spent avoiding the rain, though we did manage a wander through Little India and a nice local market.

Wet Market

Singapore Wet Market

Little Inda

Little India Shophouse

Other than a lot of wandering, our greatest passion so far (besides and in conjunction with the World Cup) has been: FOOD!  Singapore has a bit of a love affair with food, and the best iteration of this is the food court/ hawker center.  Stalls of food from all over the world, at dirt cheap prices (well, for here).  I *believe* that between the three of us we’ve eaten 28 different times.

Hawker Center

Hawker Center

…..We’ve only been here for 2.5 days.

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2 Responses to The Lion City

  1. Escape Hunter

    2.5 days is really very little time in Singapore…
    I see you caught some deep water…
    June is supposed to be the best time to visit from the weather’s point of view: less hot and less wet. Both times I was there in June and still, it was terribly wet, hot and I experienced several thick foggy showers.

    • Stephen

      “Best” may be a relatively term when it comes to this area. Do you prefer humid abut not rainy or cooler but constant downpours?

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