Posted by on August 15, 2011

Just before leaving Indonesia, while I was reading on the beach, this kid stole my wallet:


After having talked a bit and letting him sit around and read my English/Indonesian phrasebook, he simply picked it up and walked off while I wasn’t looking.

I realized almost immediately that it was gone, packed up my camera and computer (which had been sitting directly beside the wallet), and walked after him.

I was intercepted by an Indonesian guy a little older than me, and after making my situation understood he took point on the chase operation. We found the kid, and marched him around the village (basically one long street) to pick up the scattered contents. The ATM card (most important) was tucked away in one place, wallet in another, and cash mysteriously not to be found. I got everything back except ~ 200,000 Rupiah (of ~ 350,000 that had been in there) which is roughly $23. The older guy, helping me, handcuffed the thief to a friend and perhaps accomplice of the thief:


The rest of the money didn’t seem forthcoming, and the kid didn’t have time to spend it. It makes me wonder who ended up with that last part. Also, why did that guy have handcuffs?

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