Travel Budget: Switzerland

Posted by on April 26, 2012

Seemingly the first person somebody mentions when you tell them you’re going to Switzerland is: “Its going to be expensive!”

And it is, to a degree. Eating out is a quick budget killer, hostels can run around $30 or more per night for a dorm, and transport costs are huge (though the trains are nice enough to justify it!).

Keys to saving money? Self-cater from grocery stores, where prices are more along US standards. Pick one or two cities to stick around and avoid all the ticket costs of trains (or just hitchhike?). Most importantly, Couchsurf! They may be paying thousands of dollars per month for apartments in the heart of Zurich, but that doesn’t mean you have to!

Costs aside, though, Switzerland was a beautiful country and one that I’ll definitely be going back to.

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