Travel Budget: Uzbekistan

Posted by on July 3, 2012

Oh, Uzbekistan, you really are one of my favorites. Cheap hotels and food, reasonable transport, and amazing cities that makes me want to linger. If you could just get that visa hassle fixed, you’d be rich on the coffers of stunned travelers from around the world.

The only thing here that really needs describing, I think, is the visa. For Americans this is expensive no matter what at $120 for a single-entry visa with normal processing times. My application was rejected the first time, though, so I had to apply twice. Since the second was going to be outside of the country (in Vienna, as an aside, where I got the visa in about 30 minutes!) I had to apply for a Letter of Invitation, and then pay the $120 app fee AGAIN. For a total of almost $400, especially adding the overnight shipping to return my passport after the first try so I could leave the country the next day.

For the rest of the country, cheap cheap cheap. Even single rooms in hotels with wifi are rarely more than $15. For a dorm, more like $6 or $7. Food can be expensive, but it never has to be. Plov, shashlyk, and beer every day for less than the cost of a lunch back home.

Go here, enjoy it, and save money. Just make sure to get your visa on the first try.

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2 Responses to Travel Budget: Uzbekistan

  1. Jo Ann Mayer

    I spent two weeks there this summer and feel in love with the people. I agree, some of the most friendly in the world! I choose it over the others stans because of the UNESCO sites. Do you recommend the other stans?

    • Stephen

      I live in Kyrgyzstan, which is the only one I’d say I enjoy even more than Uzbekistan. There are no big name focal points like the Registan and etc, but the nature of the country is really incredible and the traditional hospitality is even more so. Tajikistan is awesome as well, Turkmenistan quite cool but hard to visit, and Kazakhstan would be great if it weren’t surrounded by so many other awesome places. So, yes, I recommend the others!

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