Travel Photo Carnival Round 6: World Heritage Sites

Posted by on August 28, 2013

And now for something completely different!

Its time for Round 6 of the Travel Photo Carnival, hosted this week at MonkBoughtLunch. If you’re not already familiar, the Travel Photo Carnival is a great way for travel photographers to connect with like minds and show off with some of their favorite shots on a given theme. I was lucky enough to win Round 5 over at The Polar Route with this photo on the theme of Motion:


My (winning!) entry from Round 5: Motion.

Just like that, then, its time for Round 6! Because I won Round 5, I’ll be hosting the current round right here. The theme for this week’s round, you might ask?

World Heritage Sites


UNESCO World Heritage Sites (981 in total) exist all over the world, so whether you’re years into your RTW trip or still months away from leaving chances are there’s a World Heritage Site near you. With 21 in the US alone (and even 1 here in Kyrgyzstan!) these aren’t hard to find. The difficulty, though, is in the photography! These places are insanely popular, so taking a standout photo requires a lot of creativity or a unique angle to separate your shot from those of other photographers visiting these popular destinations. Enough talking, though, let’s get to the photos!

Some examples from my favorite World Heritage Sites:

Sunny Side Up

Acropolis in Athens, Greece

For this shot of the Acropolis I woke up unreasonably early to get from my hostel to the top of Lycabetus Hill in time for sunrise. I wondered for a bit if it was worthwhile as I was sitting in the cold air before the dawn, but once that golden light hit the eastern face of the Parthenon I knew it was worth the effort.

Blue Skies over the Blue Mosque

Sultanahmet Mosque; Istanbul, Turkey

This shot of Istanbul’s Blue Mosque, on the other hand, was taken towards the end of a long day. As I was headed back towards my guesthouse the sky went from pretty to dazzling, so I (literally) ran to the highest place I could think of offhand. The service at the Mavi Evi Hotel’s rooftop cafe is mediocre and the prices a bit high…. the view though? Unbeatable.

Central Central Asia

Registan Complex; Samarkand, Uzbekistan

Of course, a shot from one of my favorite countries anywhere: Uzbekistan. The Registan Complex is the most popular tourist site in Uzbekistan and perhaps all of Central Asia. For most of the day the place is swarmed with tourists. How stoked was I, then, to wait around for a bit at the end of the day (there are conveniently placed benches here for sitting and gazing in wonder) and find the central square so empty! The light is nothing special and the angle is the most obvious around, but luckily a bit of patience paid off with a shot I really liked.


Now, Your Turn!

I want to see your shots for Round 6! Show us your favorite photo from any of the wide world’s UNESCO World Heritage List and enter to win this week’s competition. How to enter? I’m glad you asked!


How To Enter

1. Leave a comment on this post to let me know you’d like to enter.
2. Email me at Lioy.Stephen (at) with the html embed code or with a low-res photo.
3. If you’d like to be eligible to win Round 6 and host Round 7, make sure to include a link to your travel/photography blog!

As entries come in I’ll be adding them to this post, so make sure to check back in a few days and see what your fellow travel photographers have come up with! Email your entry my way by September 4th and I’ll post the winner by September 6th. Good luck and I can’t wait to see your shots!

Round 6 Entries



Ayutthaya, Thailand by Brent at Travel and Landscape Photography.

Brent at Travel and Landscape Photography.


 photo CalculatedTraveller_Venice_zps83aab1d1.jpeg

Mary from Calculated Traveller sends this shot of historic Venice as seen from the balcony of a departing cruise ship.

 photo DSC05520_zpsf1d36649.jpg

Ancient Shoa gate at old walled city of Harar, Ethiopia.
Brought to you by BackpackingMan.

Jonny at BackpackingMan sends this recent shot from Harar, Ethiopia.
 photo RosLou_zps5eef133a.jpg

Ros with a shot of walking across the bridge and leaving behind the historical village of Shirakawa-go, Japan

Rosalind Loo sends in this one from Shirakawa-go, Japan.
 photo TravelPhotoCarnival_HM_zps0617fdd7.jpg

Honorable Mention: Jasper at Lekkertrekken

 photo 1209307_10153206955490573_843111443_n_zps0f825491.jpg

Gur-e Amir in Samarkand, Uzbekistan by Jasper

I actually met Jasper of Lekkertrekken in Central Asia, so its no surprise that his shot comes from Uzbekistan as well. This is the Gur-e Amir, resting place of the conquerer Timurlane.

Not only do I love the shot itself, but the fact that it comes from one of my favorite countries makes this an obvious honorable mention!

Previous Travel Photo Carnival Winners and How I Won

Previous rounds of Travel Photo Carnival hosts, themes, and winners are listed below. Clicking on the link of each hosted site will take you to that round of Travel Photo Carnival to see all of that week’s entries.

1. AfterGlobe – Flora
2. Calculated Traveller – Sand and Stone
3. Outside the Limits – Sunrise or Sunset
4. Trek Snappy – Time for Reflection
5. The Polar Route – Motion!

Thanks to Ed for choosing my entry as the winner of the ‘Motion!’ challenge!

And the Winner is:

 photo TravelPhotoCarnival_Winner_zpsf5e2d023.jpg

This week’s winner: Brent!

Ayutthaya, Thailand by Brent.

The winner for Round 6 of Travel Photo Carnival: Brent from Travel and Landscape Photography! The colors and vignetting really pull me in, and the subject makes me miss SouthEast Asia. I really really like this shot, and think Brent definitely deserves kudos for it. Congrats!

As the winner of this round, Brent will be hosting Round 6 on his blog. Thanks for sending in and checking out photos, and stay tuned to Brent to see what next round’s theme will be!

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12 Responses to Travel Photo Carnival Round 6: World Heritage Sites

  1. Mary Calculated Traveller

    Congrats on your winning photo! I didn’t have any motion shots for Round 5 but I definitely have photos of World Heritage Sites. Great topic! Can’t wait to see all the submissions…

    • Stephen

      Thanks Mary! I figured it would be something pretty accessible but at the same time might bring out some really spectacular shots. I’m looking forward to seeing what everybody comes up with as well!

  2. Brent Huntley

    Thanks for hosting Stephen. What a great topic! I had so many to choose from I eventually just decided to pick my most recent from the Historic City of Ayutthaya in Thailand ( My photo is at

  3. Kimmy @ AfterGlobe

    Congratulations on winning round 5! Beautiful photo!

  4. Jonny Duncan

    Yes, good photos! Well done on motion 🙂 Sending photo for world heritage. Don’t know if it is what you are looking for…?

  5. Brent Huntley

    Thanks for the honor Stephen. I loved the topic. Round 7 is now live. Go check it out and submit your shots!

    • Stephen

      Congrats again Brent, and excellent shot. I’ll go check out the next round later today, and hopefully everyone else who posted a photo does as well!

  6. Kimmy | AfterGlobe

    Beautiful pictures! It’s so much fun to see where this is ending up and the themes for it.

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