Under the Weather in Hong Kong

Posted by on March 30, 2012

The past few times I’ve been in HK, the weather has been absolutely foul for almost the entire trip. Long-term travel isn’t always sunshine lollipops and rainbows, and on during those weeks when the world has been motivation-sappingly cloudy for days on end, you still have to find something interesting to do!


From Central, the main business and food and party and government in Hong Kong, views during clear weather reach up to encompass Victoria Peak and across Victoria Harbour to the Kowloon peninsula and eventually the border with China.


My main intention on both of the weeklong visits to HK this year was to get out and finish the Hong Kong trail, tracking from Central to the less-visited coasts and ridges of the island through surprisingly lush woods which are occasionally even far enough removed to blot out the sounds of civilization. With smog so thick that the sun was but a mere hint, though, I’ve been forced to find other pursuits.


Luckily, even Central is flush with parks and green spaces. Playing with my new camera at the HK Zoological and Botanical Garden and wandering through HK Park were nice enough, but perhaps the best find was a teahouse in the park just at the convergence of a stream and waterfall. Sitting at a picture window overlooking the dreary day and the lovely park, sipping on Chinese tea and Hong Kong BBQ, I could easily have stayed the whole day.


So, yet another reason to love the big vibrant city that is Hong Kong. Not only is there great access to hiking and camping when the weather is good, but also wonderful spots to epitomize lazy inactivity on those days of wintry fog.



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4 Responses to Under the Weather in Hong Kong

  1. Greg Trahan

    nice, i went through that botanic garden in HK last time, sweet place. The tree in the middle of that garden is a Bald Cypress. hells yeah

  2. Escape Hunter

    I think it’s not very easy to get the timing right with certain Asian travel destinations. I’d prolly pick the October-December interval for traveling to Hong Kong.

    • Stephen

      The good thing about HK is that, no matter when you visit, the local cultural scene is lively enough that you should be able to find *something* interesting. Oct-Dec would be great weather, for sure, especially if you want to get out into the trails of the SAR.

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