Or is it ‘proto-urbane’ ?

Posted by on February 18, 2013

Central Asia is old. Old like “cradle of civilizations” old. Of all the old, though, the proto-urban site of Sarazm is perhaps the first of them all.


Covered excavation at the Sarazm site.

Estimates suggest that Sarazm was settled over six THOUSAND years ago. You know what North America looked like then? A big forest. Sarazm is, rightfully, inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list. In fact, its the only UNESCO site in Tajikistan (which is also mind-boggling, but in a different sort of way).


Fields of Sarazm.

Displays on site document the history and development of the Sarazm site, its importance as a metallurgic-export center, and some of the artifacts collected on site.


…other fields of Sarazm.

Though the site isn’t terribly large (and doesn’t take all that long to explore), the surrounding village is also worth a wander through.


Prepping crops in rural Tajikistan.

As always in Central Asia, be prepared to make friends.

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