The Chillest Little Hostel In Vienna

Posted by on October 1, 2013

While traveling long-term, there are certain places that just grab me and make me want to stay for longer. Vienna hit me like that last time I was here, but one key part of the equation was missing: a cool place to stay. The hostel I stayed at for a week last year was all about the school-trip Italian kids and the party-hard backpacker crowd, and just didn’t have a mellow hang-out vibe I want when I’m going to be staying in a city for a while. On my very last night that trip, though, I ended up randomly changing hostels and discovered a beautiful place:


Hostel Ruthensteiner

The moment I got to Hostel Ruthensteiner, I questioned why I hadn’t spent my entire time there!

Knowing that I was going to be back for a week this year, then, it was of course my first choice to base out of while I was in town.

 photo IMG_0561_zpsde20e418.jpg

Central garden.

 photo IMG_0337_zps90856d32.jpg

Central garden, as seen from my room.

The vibe of the place is beautiful, with musical instruments hanging all around (and plenty of people played them over my stay) and several different gardens and common areas around the hostel.

 photo IMG_0564_zpsf246465b.jpg

Maybe the best hostel kitchen I’ve ever cooked in.

One of the most important on my list of ‘Perfect Hostel’ criteria (aside from free wifi, because of course, this is the world we live in!) is having a solid kitchen. Not only is eating out expensive, but a man can only eat so much schnitzel! Hostel Ruthensteiner has honestly one of the best-equipped kitchens I’ve ever seen in a hostel – I wish my apartment in Bishkek was this well equipped! All the pots and pans I needed, plus a bunch of spices that the hostel refills whenever they run out.

 photo IMG_0563_zpsc734c5e1.jpg

Back garden/ hangout area.

Perhaps my only real complaint, if you can even call it that? The common areas may actually be TOO social. Even when I needed to sit on the computer to edit photos or write, I’d inevitably get drawn into conversation with the bartender (who, as an aside, biked through Central Asia a while back) or start chatting with another guest.

 photo IMG_0559_zpscea270d5.jpg

Hostel dorms – airy and comfortable in spite of the Backpacker Bag Explosion.

Even the dorms themselves are exemplary, with power points/lamps at each bed and plenty of light to make the already-large rooms feel even airier. Even the biggest room, a 10-bed dorm, splits into two at night to shut out some of the noise and light.


I’ve spent about a week total here, and as much as I like Vienna I’m certain I’ll stay again. Dorms start at 10 Euro in low season, the location is just off the main (West) train station, and ┬árestaurants/grocery stores abound. Check this place out next time you’re passing through.



My stay was sponsored in part by Hostel Ruthensteiner, but I got in contact with them because I already knew that I liked the place. All opinions expressed here are very genuinely my own.

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