Vienna’s Schloss Belvedere

Posted by on August 8, 2012

A more up to date description of Belvedere Palace can be found at Schloss Belvedere: A beautiful site!. Go there for more of the practical info, or hang around here for a minute to check out some nice photos. Your call, dear reader!

Vienna’s Schloss Belvedere

What is Europe without castles? And what are castles without manicured gardens and rotating art exhibits inside?

Vienna’s Schloss Belvedere is park, palace, public space, and private museum all rolled into one. Outside the grounds (open and free to the public) are all statues and shrubberies and fountains galore. Inside the two palatial buildings, exhibits on the history of the castle and rotating artwork displays. When I was there, an excellent look at the use of Gold in art from old religious works through to modern interpretations of precious.

schloss belvedere statues

One of the many old-Europe sites to be seen in Vienna, and a lovely place to spend a warm spring day in the Austrian capital. Though there are plenty of tourists here you can also find any number of Viennese citizens hanging out in the grounds with loved ones or pushing strollers past the manicured lawns.

upper belvedere lawn

schloss belvedere gardens

Though the grounds of Schloss Belvedere are not quite so vast as those at the Schonbrunn Palace, the much closer proximity to the city center added to the admittedly impressive museum displays inside make Belvedere the better cultural attraction (in my own humble opinion) while Schonbrunn is a better area to spend a day in the park.

gate of schloss belvedere

To be honest, though, you likely won’t go wrong at either one. Schloss Belvedere or Schonbrunn, it doesn’t matter so much. Both look to be beautiful sights.

Prinz-Eugen-Straße 27
1030 Wien

Opening Hours: 10a-6p.

Admission: Varies depending on what you want to see. The main gardens are free, the lower and upper palaces require a ticket, and the special gardens also charge admission. For the combined ticket expect €22.50, or €19.00 with a Vienna 72hr City Card.

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