Welcome to Nepal Railways

Posted by on January 20, 2012

Nepal Railways

nepal train

In all of Nepal, the state-owned Nepali Railways runs about 22km of active railway track. This route starts at the Indian border, and takes about three hours to reach the city of Janakpur just over 13 miles away.

nepal railway

At this speed, then, theres no reason not to get a nap out of the trip.

nepali women janakpur

Still faster than the busses that ply the nearby road, this rail journey seems to be the main mode of transport for the villages that line the length of the route.

nepal railway village craftsman

Some folks that I saw were engaged in local crafts.

nepal rural village girl

Some folks were working with their family at agricultural pursuits.

nepal railway tracks

While a good number were just hanging out waiting on the next train.

nepal railway walking

Though if you miss the train that runs once per day each way along the route, the journey doesn’t take all that much longer on foot than it does in the carriage.

nepal holiday Festive Day Best

If you don’t feel like walking, grab a snack from a local shop.

nepal rural temple

Drop by a temple to pray you don’t miss the next train.

nepal public bathing

Or cut your losses for the day and do some laundry. In a climate this warm and humid, though, you might want to go back to that temple and pray for it to dry before the train the next morning.

nepal janakpur market

At the end of the journey, the market just beyond the Janakpur train platform will probably be going strong.

nepal market vendor

After all that time, though, the vendors might not be quite as happy to see you!

Walking along the Nepal Railway was a great rural experience, but don’t expect to take the train too far. My walking buddy had attempted it a few days before and got turned back at a police checkpoint just before the border!


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2 Responses to Welcome to Nepal Railways

  1. Nan

    What is the language of Napal?? I noticed on the train it was written in english?? They are a pretty people. Beautiful children.

    • Stephen

      Nepalese, but like a lot of countries the second most popular was English. Made it easy to get around, especially in heavily touristed areas.

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