Why MonkBoughtLunch?

I chose the name “Monk Bought Lunch” while in Japan, only a few days after I had left an English-teaching job in China to travel full-time.

As I sat looking through pictures of my previous travels trying to get some inspiration for the name of the travel blog I wanted to start, I was listening to a song called “The Soft Parade” by The Doors where around the 3 minute mark a “the monk bought lunch” lyric shoots quickly through.

I don’t know what Morrison meant when he wrote the song (Does anybody? Did he?) but the lyric made me think back to Luang Prabang, Laos where local monks take to the streets each morning to receive alms for the day from the townspeople. Here, like in much of SouthEast Asia, monks don’t have to pay for food because they have the constant support of the people who live there.

This then, lead to thoughts about hospitality in general, and how almost all of the best moments of traveling are those bright spots of unexpected hospitality or connection with people along the way.

So, it became MonkBoughtLunch.

Shortly after that lyric?

“This is the best part of the trip. This is the trip. The best part. I really like.”

Maybe he and I are on the same wavelength after all?

For my continued sanity’s sake, I certainly hope not.

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3 Responses to Why MonkBoughtLunch?

  1. itzybellababy

    I love that cd.. it is my fave from the Doors. I adore that this is your blog name.. lol. It made me giggle.
    Who ever knows what the Lizard King was thinking?


    • Stephen

      The whole thing is amazing, isn’t it? I’m sort of puzzled these days as to why I thought it was a great name for a travel blog but, eh, at least the song itself stands the test of time!

  2. Svet Dimitrov

    What an interesting story – especially about the monks in Laos. Since I saw image of Laos and its beauties, I have always longed to go there.

    So, Stephen, what kind of lunch do you buy usually? :)))

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