World’s Cheapest Destinations: Revealed!

Posted by on November 10, 2013

For the travelers and travel-planners out there:

I just had a chance to read through a copy of Tim Leffel’s World’s Cheapest Destnations: Fourth Edition last week, and thought it might be a helpful thing to highlight for the potential travelers out there. What it offers is a highlight of some of the cheapest and best-value countries in the world for budget or mid-range travelers looking to stretch their cash into longer travel and more interesting experiences. It isn’t so revolutionary in the how of spending less money while traveling, but does a great job of addressing the where.

Having traveled through a number of the Asian countries on the list, he highlights the places that I would be quick to suggest to friends taking a trip through the region. Knowing that, then, reading through the other continents got me excited and daydreaming about a trip through South America or Africa!

Bottom Line: If you’re planning a trip or already on one and looking to stretch it for as long as possible, this book might well be worth reading. If you’re already set on a destination and just looking for ways to save money once you’re there, perhaps not.

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