Yalta WWII

Posted by on January 14, 2011

Aside from being a popular beach resort (from Soviet times until now), Yalta also had an important historical role at the end of World War Two.

The Big 3, in all their waxy glory.

Yalta’s Livadia Palace was the place where Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin met in 1945 to discuss what post-war Europe would look like on a map.  Though tourist access to the palace is quite limited, as a bit of a history nerd it was still cool even to be there in the first place knowing that this is where they met and where Roosevelt lived during the conference.

Livadia Palace: Summer home to the Tsars and Conference Center for the War.

Also accessible is the place where Churchill stayed during the conference, the Vorontsovsky Palace.  Though it didn’t give me the same weighty sense of history as Livadia, the surrounding park was nice and the palace itself looks quite nice on its seafront perch.

Moorish meets Scottish. Pretty good combination, actually.

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