Budget: Yap (Federated States of Micronesia)

Posted by on February 15, 2012

Yap is a bit more expensive than most of the places I travel, but still doable for around $100 per day or so. It could be done for less with no diving, but that just seems like an unreasonable thing to give up after having made it all the way to Micronesia.

Accommodation was, I found, the biggest and least flexible cost. The cheapest thing I could find in Colonia was $50 per night, and there are surprisingly few good camping spots around the main islands. Food costs are pretty flexible, but to commit to a full diet of self-catering is to inflict oneself with a curse of Spam and Canned ham and processed fish that nobody should have to live with. If you’re going to try it, look for a good meal on the cheap and filling lunch menus (especially at the Marina Grill… perhaps the most consistently delicious food I had, with lunch specials around $5).

Oh, and for diving, stick with the guys at Beyond the Reef. They were cheaper by about $20 for two dives/ day, and seemed like the most fun to hang out with for the day anyways.

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4 Responses to Budget: Yap (Federated States of Micronesia)

  1. Ahimsa

    I can’t believe you went to Yap. It’s on my lifelist–big stone money and no shirts required. Props on getting to a place that sounds more like from a Swift story than a 21st century country.

    • Stephen

      Dude, definitely go if you have the opportunity. It was all at once adventurous and slow and frustrating and kind of uplifting. The no-shirt thing caught me by surprise a number of times, especially at the airport and grocery shopping and other mundane places like that when you turn around and “hey, old lady!” out of nowhere. If you happen to have a good bank of Continental/United miles, too, they have dirt cheap redemptions from South Asia through the Oceania area that make for a really good deal.

  2. Ahimsa

    It sounds rather amazing, if at times disconcerting. You know, I really should look into airline miles sometime.

    • Stephen

      Do it, man! For the first half of this year I’m flying through Oceania, from HK to Dubai to Turkey to Europe, and then onto Central Asia and back to Dubai. Total cost for airfare was about $400 and 110k Continental miles. I probably wouldn’t have taken the plunge for expensive Oceania flights, and the Central Asia I would have done and paid a ton for. Especially if you’re looking to fly into out of the way places, those miles are worth a ton.

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