Don’t Be An (An)twerp.

Posted by on August 5, 2013

Antwerp is a lovely city full of beautiful historic buildings with far fewer tourists than Brussels or Bruges. And yet, somehow, it just didn’t grab me the way the other two did.

Square Sort of Town

What a square!

City Center Facades

Beautiful Belgian Buildings.

I was for once, glad I was on a quick daytrip through instead of an extended visit.

 photo IMG_4260_zpsff588fe5.jpg

Antwerp to order.

There were good parts, of course. Chocolate-covered waffles and historic homes and high towering buildings covered with flags. But come on, the town isn’t even on the UNESCO List!!!

 photo IMG_4243_zps89f9640f.jpg

2 Euro worth of delicious.

Jonny (of BackpackingMan fame) and I even discussed the city in terms of his parents’ upcoming visit to Belgium, and declared an extra day in Brussels or Bruges a much better use of their limited time.

Central City Square

Antwerp Central.

There was even, inexplicably, a chocolate museum/factory with chocolate statuary like this brainy Belgian man.

 photo IMG_4248_zps9630e4f4.jpg


But on that note, at least they had tasty treats!

Happiness in Hand

The key to happiness (at least in Belgium).

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