Beer and Chocolate: A Belgian Tour

Posted by on July 22, 2013

Some start-up travel blogger out there looking for their niche should really move to Belgium and start a website called ‘Beer and Chocolate’.

Happiness in a Box

A box full of Belgian Happiness.

Perhaps it was a product of Jonny and I hanging out in all the most touristy areas of each town but chocolate shops seemed to be around every corner with cathedrals to beer not far behind.

Beer Heaven

Beer H(e)aven.

So of course, we gorged. Only rarely did we get on a bus between towns without a sample box of assorted deliciousness, and only once do I recall having gotten off those busses with any remainder of chocolate left uneaten.

Gourmande Invasion

Belgians do it right, I tell you.

But really, after you see the sheer glut of choices on offer, can you blame us?!

 photo IMG_3903_zps71f5e173.jpg

Where to start?

Life Philosophy.

Happiness lies down this road.

And of course, what sort of connoisseurs of the fine things in life would we be without an overloaded Belgium Waffle or three?

Waffle Crazy

Waffling more than Hopkins late in a game of Risk.

I could, perhaps, say more. I think this photo of BackpackingMan from Brussels, though, says it all.

 photo IMG_4352_zpsa6005d2c.jpg

Brought to you by the folks at

As for myself, I’ll say this. I never ever (very rarely) buy souvenirs, but these two came home with me:

 photo IMG_4048_zps8c4e0e2e.jpg

Delerium Red. Tremens is better, but the super-sweet cherry taste
of this was also interesting.

 photo IMG_4053_zps81e24a97.jpg

An old favorite, born of countless trips to World Market.

Beware, travelers on a tight budget or waistline. Belgium is waiting for you, and delicious things are everywhere.

A Sign of the (Good) Times

All the good things in life.

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2 Responses to Beer and Chocolate: A Belgian Tour

  1. Alex

    ooooooh, I do like me some delirium red. I know a place in beijing where they sell it for around 1 kuai markup if you’re ever there…
    I think it’s cheaper than belgium.

    • Stephen

      I feel, somehow, like it will be hella nice having a dude-in-the-know on the beer scene in Beijing!

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