The Biggest Little Honky-Tonk in the World

Posted by on April 24, 2013

What is there to say, really, about the biggest honky-tonk in the world? It could fit thousands of people. I remember at least 8 bars and a short-order grill. There’s a rodeo arena INSIDE OF THE BAR.


Welcome to Billy Bob’s.

I’m talking, of course, about Billy Bob’s.

World Largest Honky Tonk

Perhaps the coolest single part of the Ft Worth Stockyards.

Like the Fort Worth Stockyards where the bar is located, it really was a cool experience. I’d heard about this place from friends, actually, but that didn’t nearly prepare me for how much I was going to enjoy it.


Requisite hunting trophies.


‘Like a Rhinestone Cowboy’.


Cowboy crowd.

Easily the highlight of the night, though, was the rodeo action. It was a bit short, and I didn’t get nearly enough pictures.

Rodeo Time

And now for a quick Rodeo Diversion!

It was enough fun, though, that I would pretty happily go to a full-on rodeo just to have another try.


Readying the arena.


Just in case?

To cap off the night, the SMU dance team ‘kicked up their heels’ on the dance floor.


SMU dance team.

Billy Bob’s was definitely a worthwhile experience, and I urge everybody who ever finds themself in Dallas or Fort Worth to check the place out.


Y’all come back now, ya’ hear?

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