Bishkek Market Madness Sale

Posted by on January 25, 2013

Bishkek Markets

bishkek osh market

Like all the best cities anywhere, Bishkek is flush with little markets and big bazaars.


We’re talking fruit-focused bazaars, food-themed wonderlands, and a whole stretch of shipping cartons devoted exclusively to kitchen supplies.

Closing Time at BIshkek's Dordoi Bazaar

There’s even an odd little string of shops (not pictured) that seem to be devoted to underwear and shoes, though I couldn’t find any that fit me (ahem).

Bazaar Back-Streets

The food stalls of Osh Bazaar are perhaps one of my favorite spots in the city. Especially the initially-surprising rows of fresh-made Korean salads sold by the bagful.

Spices and Smiles

An easy second favorite, though, is the spice aisle.

Two-Tiered Shopping Experience

Also great for wandering are the endless rows of recycled shipping containers on the outskirts of the city at Dordoi Bazaar.


Where else does one go to pick up sweet floor rugs like this?

bishkek markets fresh fruit

Fresh fruits, fragrant spices, and all the Soviet souvenirs or china-made clothes a man could hope for. Bishkek’s bazaars are one of the first stops I’ll be making when I get back to town!


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