Winter Descends Upon Bishkek

Posted by on November 22, 2013

I’m preparing to leave Bishkek for six weeks, and will actually be on a flight to Istanbul in just a few hours. What better way to say goodbye to Bishkek for the moment, then, than a bit of winter wonderland?

 photo IMG_3100_zps479e968e.jpg

Avenue of the Young Guards – Winter Edition.

It’s cold and icy and puddly and… somehow still really pretty actually. Statues are topped with a coating of snow, tandoori-oven samsas are even warmer and more delicious than ever, and the city feels like an entirely different place full of new colors and textures.

 photo IMG_3108_zps63e817e0.jpg

Chilly Evening for Manas.

Of course, I’ve been passing most of the past few days indoors trying to catch up on writing and blogging and photo-editing and all those other computer things I seem to spend so much of my time on. From where I sit, though, the view is vast white blanket of snow upon which perhaps a new chapter of life and work and my place in the world will start to be written once I return here in January.

 photo IMG_3117_zpsdce68741.jpg

Bishkek Backstreets – beginnings of winter.

 photo IMG_3115_zps7e0b4fa4.jpg

Chingiz Aitmatov – starting to write that next story?

 photo IMG_3118_zpsad564235.jpg

Even snow can’t stand the onslaught of Manas!

So, keep an eye out for that.

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