BrandiDog: World Tour

Posted by on May 4, 2012

After meeting a Swiss devotee of the game and playing a mad number of times in Indonesia’s Togean Islands, the Swiss girl (and so her board game) left town.


Within one day, we had made a bootleg version so we could continue playing. Just a few days later, Greg and I met back up with Swiss J’ana in a new town and of course played more.


So what is this game? The one that mesmerizes and amazes and fills my evenings with travelers and murder and intrigue?


Brandi Dog.

Amazingly, J’ana was kind enough to gift a BrandiDog board all the way to Hong Kong. And so, traveling around for months on end: the Brandi Dog World Tour.

Visiting J’ana in Switzerland, then, there was of course a gluttony of BrandiDog.

On a train (or 4),


in a Roman Amphitheater,


the shadow of an Abbey attached to a Cathedral dedicated to a martyred king,

BrandiDog in the Abbey

and on a luxurious hotel porchfront cafe overlooking Zurich and the Lake on a brilliant monday morning.


The trip to Switzerland was over so quickly, seemingly just after it began. The BrandiDog World Tour, though, continues. I may only have pack room for three pairs of underwear and four pairs of socks, but I certainly manage to continue finding a place to pack this little board game!

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2 Responses to BrandiDog: World Tour

  1. Mollie Cothran

    How can I buy one of these games and how much are they? I understand from a friend we would need 6 of the boards.

    • Stephen

      Mine was a gift, and while I remember seeing them on the streets of Zurich they were pretty expensive. 60 Euros or whatever the equivalent was in francs at the time. I would suggest searching for ‘Dog Game’, which is the generic term for it; or barring that it isn’t too hard to make the wooden pieces to for a bulk order you might actually do better to contact somebody in woodworking and as them? If you’re in the US let me know and I can pass the email address of a contact that does cool woodworking projects.

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