Fantastic Fatih

Posted by on March 1, 2013

Exploring Istanbul’s Fatih District

Does anybody else walk around new cities wondering in the back of their minds where the coolest spot to get an apartment for a few months would be?


Top Shop

In Istanbul the Fatih neighborhood is without doubt the choice so far.

Stillness of Shadows

The name means ‘conquerer’ and rightly so, as the cool level in Fatih could conquer any other district I’ve seen in the city.

The thing that first drew me into the neighborhood, apart from a half-hearted search for the Suleymaniye Mosque, was the 4th century Valens Aquaduct that cuts through the area.

Water No More

What perhaps drew me back to the neighborhood though, was (predictably, I know) food.

Fit for a Sultan

A couple of folks in my hostel recommended a restaurant in Fatih called Sur Ocakbasi. I went first with a tiny girl and then again with another hungry dude, but it didn’t matter. The food was so much (tasty, but too much!) that there wasn’t even a chance to take it all down.


That’s ok, though, as this is really the kind of place that begs for an aimless walk just to have a look around.

Street Food

Butcher Shop


Up and Over

And hey, after walking all that way, you might even be ready for dessert!


Er, or maybe something a little more traditional?


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