Exploring the Munich 3rd Reich History

Posted by on October 21, 2013

Munich 3rd Reich Walking Tour

Being in Munich, even during Oktoberfest, isn’t ALL fun and beer.

 photo IMG_0990_zpsf2fa389d.jpg

Introductory conversation in the Rathaus.

The city has a lot of history as well, both as the long-time Bavarian capital and as the cradle of the National Socialist party pre- World War II.

 photo IMG_1007_zps34584400.jpg

Hofbrauhaus before the hordes.

I managed to do one tour gig while I was in Munich, and I was happy to have it be an overlook of Munich’s Third Reich History.

We wandered through the city’s Old Quarter, much of which was destroyed during WWII and rebuilt in the same style in the post-war period. Interestingly, though, many of the Nazi buildings in town were spared the brunt of the damage. Our guide, Sazi, postulated that this was so the Allies could sweep in and collect evidence for legal action after the war. As a tourist in town, though, the most exciting stop was the Hofbrauhaus Beer Hall. Site of the first major meeting of the National Socialist party, the history adds yet another reason to add it to tourists’ must-visit list in Munich.

 photo IMG_1022_zpsd22dd0ab.jpg

Photo-geeking inside Munich’s Hofbrauhaus.

Sazi offered interesting info across town, though, including in restored old quarter buildings where ‘historic’ facades were painted rather than carved as a cost-cutting but atmosphere-preserving measure.

 photo IMG_1058_zpsd6426216.jpg

‘Restored’ facades as the backdrop to the Old Town.

This being Oktoberfest, we were predictably interrupted by wagons of beer parading through the streets of Munich towards the Festival site. After a super-tourist freakout, though, we all regained our chill and went back to paying attention to Sazi.

 photo IMG_1054_zps80ff053c.jpg

Oktoberfest Beer Run!

 photo IMG_1072_zps7abd3ab4.jpg

Finishing up the tour.

I had to skip out at the very end of the tour to catch another appointment, but on my way back through the Marienplatz as I was reflecting on the often profound banality of evil I stumbled across a street performer that was anything but unoriginal.

 photo IMG_1081_zps712b62d7.jpg

As seen on Marienplatz.

I took it as a sign that there was still some good in the world.

I went on the Munich 3rd Reich Walking Tour as a photographer for GetYourGuide. Though I was there to work, I thought it actually represented a pretty good value and would probably recommend it to friends who were passing through and wanted a more in-depth look at the Nazi history in Munich than a guidebook or website would provide.

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