San Luis Potosi

Posted by on September 5, 2010

Jenny and I flew into San Luis Potosi, our friend Oscar’s hometown.  Oscar joined my fraternity at Centenary my senior year, and has since transferred back home to a college in SLP to study thing that I’ll never understand.

Museum of the Mask.

We spent the first few and last few days of the trip exploring San Luis, and used it as a sort of home base for the rest of the trip.  And of course, spent several days at the pool at Oscar’s health club.

Old Town Square

Like so many old towns in former Spanish colonies, San Luis is full of Catholic churches and delicious food.  We walked through several beautiful cathedrals, a prison-turned-art center, and the Old Town with all its museums, theaters, and more churches.

Sanctuary of the Virgin of Guadalupe.

We also spent some time hanging out with Oscar’s immediate family at their house and at a family picnic, going out with his friends, and getting embarrassed playing soccer at his health club.  We even got to see his dad’s speeches in an interactive display in the regional Science Museum.

Former prison, currently an art center. Cool idea.

The most exciting events, though, were probably the San Luis Gladiadores soccer game that we went to and the bullfight/state fair to end the trip.  Pretty much all the time we spent in San Luis was awesome, and we couldn’t have asked for more amazing hosts than Oscar and his family.

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