Large Men in Loincloths

Posted by on June 15, 2011

The absolute single most excellent thing about Osaka was the SUMO TOURNAMENT that was going on when Matt and I visited.

Sumo Fever

We took our seats hours before the main action began to see some of the lower level fights (which is how I managed to get a video from just beside the ring) before even a small fraction of the arena was full.


Match-day starts with very quick bouts between low-ranked fighters.


As the hours draw on the higher rankings of the new wrestlers means they are allotted more time to prepare mentally for their duels. Even as the rankings increase, though, some of the fights just seem unfair.

Unfair Fight

Finally, the last match features the star of the show: the Yokozuna. Those with a sharp memory for 1990’s WWF wrestling will remember that this is the biggest, meanest dude around. Inconveniently, for this tournament the Yokozuna (pictured with white ribbon) seemed to be doing his best to keep his well-aired cheeks pointed towards me the whole time, so I didn’t manage to get any good shots of him from the front.


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