Trekking Everest: Slideshow

Posted by on November 28, 2011

Thirty-five days in a row is a lot of trekking.  I started with a few friends at the airport in Tumlingtar at 518m (1,700ft), walked all the way up to Mt. Everest Base Camp at 5,366m (17, 604 ft), and then back down to the bus station at Shivalaya at 1,164m (3,819 ft) to catch a 12 hour ride to Kathmandu.

I ended up with nearly 1300 pictures and videos from the trip after having deleted the obviously bad ones on the trail, and this is a bit too much to post on here!

So, for now, I’ve pulled out the one photo that I best felt captures the mood of each day on the trail.  More specific posts on individual locations will come soon, once I’ve sorted through this mess of photos.  About 500 are from the day of my birthday alone!  So, enjoy this slideshow of 35 photos from 35 days at the top of the world.

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2 Responses to Trekking Everest: Slideshow

  1. Edi

    Oh man! I wish I could come back to Himalaya. It is 10 years since I left that piece of heaven. In December I will blog all my tips and tricks on trekking in Nepal. Cheers! -Edi

    • slioy

      Tips and tricks I could have used. On the way up from Tumlingtar there was a bit of a learning curve on both Nepali language and how to get around and make sure we were walking the right way. Incredible area though, isn’t it?

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