Greek Food For the Win

Posted by on May 10, 2013

There are a lot of good reasons to be excited about Greece. Beaches, history, and temples are all close to the top of the list.

Best Little Restaurant in Town

Taking the very top spot, though, may be one very important thing: FOOD.

Seems fishy.

I was fortunate enough to be hired to photograph a walking food tour of Athens, and it was every bit of delicious.

Snack Time!

Herbal Deliciousness

We sampled the stock at specialty grocers, tasted the sweetness honey kick of loukoumades, and stopped by the freshest of markets for a look at what people were buying to prepare for thee weekend.

Athens Fresh Market

Best in Gretsia

Mixed Pleasure

Oi love oil!

The highest of highlights, though?

Mama Chef

Kilmataria Taverna. The tour dropped by around lunchtime, and not only did we get a sample of several of the places’ specialties but also an enticing whiff of what was to come for dinner later that night.

Luckily, a couple of my dormmates at my Athens hostel were down to go back later that night and try it out for real.

Best Little Folk Band at the Best Little Restaurant in Town

The only words I really have are ‘amazing’ and ‘authentic’ to describe the experience. The four of us walked in and took a table, and ordered one of (quite possibly THE) best meals I had in Greece. Around 11p, now with a packed house, a live band started playing traditional Greek music.

You know those experiences where you’re surrounded by language and customs entirely foreign, yet the atmosphere is so special and enveloping that you feel like you belong just in that very moment? This was that.

Any friend of mine who ever goes to Athens will get a recommendation for this tour and especially this restaurant. If you ever find yourself in town, make it a priority.



As mentioned above, I was on this tour as part of an arrangement to take photos for GetYourGuide. Though I’m usually not a huge fan of group tours, Despina was an amazing guide through the Athens culinary scene and I would totally recommend this Athens Food Tour to anybody planning to spend time in the city.

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