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After a few months stuck in Shenzhen without a vacation, my Spring Festival/ Chinese New Year vacation found me straight back in Yunnan Province.  Tropical rain-forest bordering Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam.  Home to the upper stretches of the Mekong River (before it becomes the Mekong River.  澜沧江。)  One of the highest concentrations of minority cultures in China.  Relatively low numbers of tourists.

Stuck in Jonghong for a few days longer than I wanted to be, I decided to but a scooter and drive through the province.  I had intended to drive it all the way through Laos and sell it before I flew home at the end of the break, but a cross border guard in Mohan had other ideas.  Instead, I sold it to a greedy shopkeeper for about a third of the price I had paid only two weeks before.

xishuangbanna banana plantations

Xishuangbanna Banana plantations

xishuangbanna mekong river

The Mekong River winds its way through Xishuangbanna.

xishuangbanna motorbike

It was sweet while it lasted.

xishuangbanna jungle sunset

Menglun Botanical Garden – Sunset in the Jungle

xishuangbanna jungle river menglun garden

Menglun Tropical Botanical Garden

xishuangbanna rubber plantation

Banna Rubber plantation. Places like this are having a hugely negative impact on the biodiversity of Xishuangbanna.

xishuangbanna abandoned village

Deserted cultural park.

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